Table 1

Shoulder strength tests

Post opAthletic shoulder test (T-position)*HHD†Grip strengthPlyometric push-up‡
Net peak force§ (NPF) (N)RFD 0-100 ms† † (N/s)Prone ER (kg)Neutral grip (kg)Peak landing
LeftRightLeftRightLeftRightLeftRightTotal force (L+R) (N)Asymmetry
Week 688.4115.036759116.523.056.156.4N/a¶
Week 10121.2118.9 445 580 21.021.357.463.5 1939 17% R**
  • *Single force platform unilateral test—player lying prone with straight arm abducted to 90° (figure 2).

  • †Hand-held dynamometry (make test) - Prone External Rotation (ER) at 90 degrees Abduction.

  • ‡Dual force platform bilateral test.

  • §Net peak force=total peak force—force at start of contraction.

  • ¶N/a; not applicable—plyometric push-ups not performed until week 8 postop.

  • **R=increased peak landing force on the right upper limb (17% higher than left in this example (bold values indicate true deficits).

  • ††RFD 0-100 ms; average rate of force development over the first 100ms after the start of contraction - 23 % lower rate of force development in a T-position on the affected left shoulder (bold values).