Table 1

Association and predictive power of acute:chronic workload  markers with non-contact injury in elite European Football players

MarkerAssociationPredictive power
Exp B (relative risk) (95% CI)P levelClinical inferenceAUC (95% CI) J
Acute:chronic 1:41.49 (1.01 to 2.23)0.006Likely harmful0.58 (0.52 to 0.64)0.15
Acute:chronic 1:31.42 (1.00 to 1.99)0.006Likely harmful0.56 (0.50 to 0.62)0.15
  • Exponential B (relative risk), 95% CI and p level from the generalised estimating equation analysis of acute:chronicworkload markers and outcome (injury in the subsequent week: yes/no). Area under the curve (AUC) and 95% CI from the receiving operator characteristic curve (ROC) analysis and the Youden Index (J).