Table 1

A priori specified criteria for title, abstract and full-text screening

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
  • Strength training intervention

  • Primary prevention of sports injuries

  • Sports injury data and/or analysis

  • Trial participants free of injury at inclusion

  • Randomised controlled trial

  • Adequate/sufficient volume, intensity and character of intervention

  • Adequate follow-up period for strength training to have effect (estimated to 1–2 months)

  • Conducted in humans

  • Reported in English

  • Peer-reviewed publications

  • Intervention elements other than strength training

  • Influencing pathology (eg, relevant previous injury, connective tissue disease, arthritis)

  • Surrogate measures of injury (eg, reduced range of motion, radiology diagnosis only)

  • Any use of devices (eg, kinesiotaping, protectors, orthoses, insoles)

  • Any means of transportation (eg, bicycles, skis, equestrian)

  • Inadequate design of control arms