All events at rest (supine 30° incline) and seated All events during SupE All pregnancy outcomes
Avery et al,23 n=12, 2 per exercise combination1 event reported at rest in supine position.Bradycardia (1 of 12) when women moved from sitting to supine position.Variable FHR decelerations (during supSL) 1 of 12 (8%).Meconium staining gestational age at delivery <38 weeks.
Caesarean section.
4 events reported during supine exercise.
4 events reported postsupine exercise.
3 pregnancy outcomes reported.
Variable FHR decelerations (during SupDL) 1 of 12 (8%).
Bradycardia (during SupSL) 1 of 12 (8%).
Bradycardia (during SupDL) 1 of 12 (8%).
Bradycardia (post SupSL) 1 of 12 (8%).
Bradycardia (post SupDL).
Bradycardia (post SupDL) 2 of 12 (17%).
Tachycardia (post SupSL) 1 of 12 (8%).
  • For Green et al,22 Nesler et al 19 and Jeffreys et al,20 each row represents one woman, when the adverse events (as reported by each author) occurred and the resulting outcome. For Avery et al,23 all events reported by the authors at rest, during supine exercise and all pregnancy outcomes have been listed. Avery et al 23 also reported 0 premature delivery (<37 weeks) and 0 Apgar scores <7 at 5 min.

  • BW, body weight; FHR, fetal heart rate; IUGR, intrauterine growth restriction; LLP, left lateral position; SGA, small for gestational age; SupDL, supine double leg extension; SupE, supine exercise; SupSL, supine single leg extension.