Table 4

Network meta-analysis treatment ranking results for function outcome analyses, for each of short-term outcomes, medium-term outcomes and long-term outcomes

TreatmentShort-term functionMedium-term functionLong-term function
SUCRAMean rankSUCRAMean rankSUCRAMean rank
Steroid Inj78.
Steroid Inj+Exe70.62.571.42.4
  • Surface under cumulative ranking curve (SUCRA) values (0 – 100) and mean ranks are presented, based on a simulation with 1000 replications. Higher SUCRAs and lower mean ranks indicate better performing treatments.

  • ESWT, extracorporeal shockwave therapy; Exe, exercise; Orthoses, prefabricated or customised foot orthoses; Placebo, usual care/placebo; Steroid Inj, corticosteroid injection; Steroid Inj+Exe, corticosteroid injection combined with exercise.