Table 2

Seasonal risk of concussion in sports

AuthorType of athletesYears of studySeasons (n)Athletes (n)ConcussedConcussed per player/season (%)
 Barr and McCrea15 High school and college football1997–199921313501.9
 McCrea18 High school and college football1998–199921325632.4
 McCrea et al 17 High school and college football1999–200132385913.8
 McCrea et al 19 College football1999–20012943.9
 Barr et al 16 High school and college football2008–20092823597.2
 Seidman et al 24 High school football2013134392.6
 Dompier et al 25 Football2012–2013220 47911785.8
Youth football2012–2013240921363.3
High school football2012–2013211 9577676.4
College football2012–2013244302756.7
College football2011–2014497185185.3
 Houck et al 26 College football2006–20159945*11812.5
 Bretzin et al 14 High school football2015–2016139 52015303.9
 Total football 67 133 3192 4.8
All sports
 Galetta et al 27 Football, sprint football, men’s and women’s soccer and basketball2010–20111219104.6
 Marinides et al 20 College athletes2011–201212173013.8
 Galetta et al 21 Ice hockey/lacrosse youth and college1332123.6
 Leong et al 28 Football, men’s and women’s basketball2012–20131127118.7
 Putukian et al 22 College athletes2011–201212633212.2
 Chin et al 23 High school and college athletes2012–2014320181662.7
 Kerr et al 12 NCAA athletes2011–2014432 15614104.4
Men’s baseball2011–201441757130.7
Men’s basketball2011–201441889743.9
College football2011–2014497185185.3
Men’s ice hockey2011–2014436892536.9
Men’s lacrosse2011–201441768442.5
Men’s soccer2011–201441810291.6
Men’s wrestling2011–20144821657.9
Women’s basketball2011–201441690905.3
Women’s ice hockey2011–201441301947.2
Women’s lacrosse2011–201441522493.2
Women’s softball2011–201441569382.4
Women’s soccer2011–201442831933.3
Women’s volleyball2011–201441791502.8
 Dhawan et al 29 Youth hockey11412014.2
 Tsushima et al 13 Athletes grades 8–122013–2014110 334125012.1
 Bretzin et al 14 High school athletes in 15 sports2015–20161193 75733521.7
Total 239 564 6293 2.6
  • *Total number of athletes estimated using 105 athletes per year on football roster.

  • NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association.