Table 3

Communication quality* between the medical team and the fitness coaches

Outcomes*Low (1–2/5), n=8Moderate (3/5), n=18High (4–5/5), n=51P values†
Injury burden‡184.4126.9106.30.064
Incidence of severe injuries§
Training attendance (%)79.785.084.20.022
Match availability (%)85.786.787.80.305
  • Values represent the medians in each group.

  • Communication between the medical team and the administration.

  • *Communication quality was classified as low, moderate or high, based on overall questionnaire scores.

  • †Significance was based on Kruskal-Wallis tests.

  • ‡Injury burden=number of days of absence per 1000 hours of exposure (Σ days of absence/Σ hours of exposure ×1000).

  • §Incidence of severe injuries=number of severe injuries (resulting in >28 days of absence from trainings and matches) per 1000 hours of exposure (Σsevere injuries/Σexposure hours×1000).