Table 1

Intervention costs in the study and estimated costs for a countrywide implementation of ‘11+ Kids’

Costs in the studyCountrywide implementation scenario*
Costs for printing and delivering the ‘11+ Kids’ manual
 Cost per unit7.224.05
 Total costs for the manuals26721 463
Costs for ‘11+ Kids’ education courses
 Cost per course2201940
 Total costs for the courses2200515 070
 Development costsN/A12 000
 Maintenance per yearN/A4000
 Total costs for the websiteN/A32 000
Overall costs
 Total intervention/implementation costs2467568 533
 Total costs per player season4.021.94
  • All costs are reported in Swiss Francs (for additional information, see online supplementary material 2).

  • *Across Switzerland over a time horizon of 5 seasons.

  • N/A, not applicable.