Phase 3: return to contact/sparring fighting activities
May only advance to this phase when concussion symptoms have completely resolved
Step 1Sparring: short durationFirst step of live sparring. Rounds of short duration with long breaks. Number of rounds is small to begin with and then can increase as tolerated.
Step 2Sparring: longer durationRounds at this step begin to lengthen in duration while breaks between rounds shortens. Number of rounds can also increase as fatigue allows.
Step 3Sparring: normal parametersFull return to normal training. Return to normal rounds and time limits based on sport and next potential bout. Fighter should be able to tolerate normal parameters of training/sparring and is training as normal without a return of symptoms.
  • An initial period of¬†1 week¬†should occur prior to beginning phase 1.

  • *Adapted from Nalepa et al.32