Table 5

Univariate analysis adjusted by exposure (played time)

Multiple regression
OR95% CIP values
Age (years)1.070.99 to 1.140.07
Number of international matches played1.000.99 to 1.010.27
Line3.060.85 to 11.030.09
Goalkeeper3.260.86 to 12.180.08
Back6.382.16 to 18.810.001
Shots†Shots attempted (n)1.000.98 to 1.020.99
6 m shots (n)1.000.96 to 1.040.86
Wing shots (n)0.930.86 to 1.000.04
9 m shots (n)1.020.99 to 1.040.22
7 m shots (n)1.000.94 to 1.070.92
Fast-breaks shots (n)0.980.90 to 1.070.63
Breakthrough shots (n)1.000.86 to 1.150.98
Offensive‡ Assists (n)1.030.99 to 1.060.14
Turn overs (n)1.040.98 to 1.100.23
Defensive‡Steals (n)1.000.87 to 1.150.98
Blocked shots (n)0.970.81 to 1.140.70
2 min suspensions None1
One to two times2.501.14 to 5.280.02
Three or more times2.140.91 to 5.010.07
Red cards No1
Yes0.160.02 to 1.170.07
Yellow cardNo1
Yes1.090.89 to 1.330.59
  • Candidate variables included in the multiple analysis are in bold.

  • †OR based on one shot increase.

  • ‡OR based on one action (offence or defence) increase.