Table 3

Comparison of the player characteristics and technical variables according to positions

Player position
Incidence rate (injuries/1000 hours)132.719.976.465.1
Time played (min)163.6±88.7203.6±105.4175.9±92.4167.5±100.5
Age (years)26.1±4.326.8±4.127.4±4.629.1±4.7
International matches played62.1±61.869±63.872.8±68.379±77.5
Shots attempted (n)25.7±19.0*22.9±15.9†13.9±11.61.7±5
6 m shots (n)6.5±5.7*3±3.210.5±9.8‡0.5±3.2
7 m shots (n)1.6±4.13.3±5.80.1±0.5-
9 m shots (n)12.6±11.1§1.9±5.80.6±1.80.2±0.4
Wing shots (n)0.7±1.99±6.9¶0.2±0.70.1±1.1
Breakthrough shots (n)2.0±2.4§0.4±10.2±0.50.1±0.1
Fast-break shots (n)2.3±2.55.3±4.5¶2.2±2.90.9±1.5
Assists (n)10±8.9§3.1±2.63.7±31.3±1.7
Turnovers (n)6.6±5.1§2.8±3.03.4±2.70.7±2.5
Blocked shots (n)1.1±1.90.3±0.72.0±2.2‡0.2±1.0
Steals (n)1.6±2.31.7±1.71.3±1.50.6±0.9
  • Results are presented as number of action±SD.

  • Goalkeepers were excluded from the analysis because only shots, defensive and offensive variables have been compared.

  • *Significant difference between back and wing (p<0.05).

  • †Significant difference between wing and line.

  • ‡Significant difference between line and wing, as well as between line and back.

  • §Significant difference between back and wing, as well as between back and line.

  • ¶Significant difference between wing and back, as well as between wing and line.