Table 1

Quality appraisal of included studies according to the Downs and Black checklist

AuthorJournalHypothesis describedMain outcome describedPatient characteristics describedInterventions describedPrincipal confounders statedMain findings describedEstimates of outcome variabilityAdverse events reportedCharacteristics of patients lost to follow-upActual probability valuesSubject asked to participate representativeSubjects prepared to participate representativeStaff/facilities representative of regular treatmentResults based on data dredging made clearDifferent length of follow-up adjustedAppropriate statisticsCompliance reliableOutcome valid and reliableRecruitment over same periodAdjustment for confoundersLoss to follow-up taken into accountTotal
Ageberg et al 10 AJSM11112110101011110111118
Ahldén et al 14 AJSM11110110111011110110015
Ardern et al 31 Scand J Med Sci Sports11111110001011110110014
Årøen et al 40 KSSTA11012110101011110111016
Balasingam et al 32 Arthroscopy10001010111111100111013
Barenieus et al 11 KSSTA11111010111111110110016
Björnsson et al 29 Arthroscopy11110110111011110110015
Desai et al 12 KSSTA11110110101011110110014
Fauno et al 13 OJSM11112110101011110111118
Fältström et al 21 KSSTA11111110111011110111118
Granan et al 22 KSSTA11112110101111110111119
Grindem et al 15 BJSM11112110111001110111017
Hamrin Senorski26 KSSTA11111110111011110111017
Hamrin Senorski*27 KSSTA11111110111011110111118
Hjermundrud et al 34 KSSTA11111100101111110111117
Ingelsrud et al 16 AJSM11110110111111110110016
Ingelsrud et al 17 AJSM11100110101011110110114
Kvist et al 7 Arthroscopy10101010101011110110012
LaPrade et al 33 AJSM11112110111111110111120
Lind et al 8 KSSTA0010010010101101011009
Lind et al 23 AJSM11010110101010110111013
Owesen et al 41 OJSM11111110111111110110118
Phillips et al 19 KSSTA11111110011011110110015
Rahr-Wagner et al 9 Clin Epidemiol11000110111111110110014
Rahr-Wagner et al 24AJSM11012110001011110111015
Rahr-Wagner et al 28 Arthroscopy11012110011011110111016
Reinholdsson et al 18 KSSTA11112110111111110110119
Røtterrud et al 37 AJSM11112110111111110111120
Røtterrud et al 36 AJSM11002110111011110111117
Røtterud et al 35 KSSTA11100110111011000110113
Røtterud et al 38 AJSM11112110111111110111120
Samuelsson et al 20 AJSM11110110111011110111016
Snæbjörnsson et al 25 AJSM11101110111011110111016
Soreide et al 30 AJSM11112010111011110111017
Ulstein et al 39 KSSTA1110011011001101011011
  • *No differences in subjective knee function between surgical techniques of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction at the 2 year follow-up: a cohort study from the Swedish National Knee Ligament Register.

  • †Comparison of hamstring tendon and patellar tendon grafts in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in a nationwide population based cohort study: results from the DKRR.

  • Downs and Black scoring: 0=no, item not fulfilled; 1=yes, item fulfilled. Item 5 is scored 0–2: 0=no, item not fulfilled; 1=item partially fulfilled, 2=yes, item fulfilled.

  • AJSM, American Journal of Sports Medicine; Clin Epidemiol, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology; JBJS, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; KSSTA, Knee Surgery, Sport Traumatology, Arthroscopy; OJSM, Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine; Scand J Med Sci Sports, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.