Table 1

Inclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
SettingAll countriesNone
ParticipantsThose aged between 13 and 30 years
Mean age of at least one measurement in adolescence (13–19 years old) and one in adulthood (16–30 years old)
Those aged below 13 years of age or above 30 years of age
≥2 measurements <16 years old or ≥2 measurements >19 years old
Participant groups selected based on a pre-existing health condition (including obesity and eating disorders)
OutcomesAt least one measure of physical activity, for example:
  • MVPA

  • Total activity

  • Sport participation

  • Energy expenditure

Studies including no PA outcomes
Studies reporting tracking of PA behaviours only with no data on absolute change in behaviour
Studies reporting solely on sedentary behaviour
Study typeLongitudinal quantitative studies, with data collection including on specified outcomes over ≥2 time-points (minimum 1 year apart) where mean age of the cohort is between ages 13 and 30 (with at least one measurement in adolescence (13–19 years old) and one in adulthood (16–30 years old)Other quantitative study types
Qualitative studies
Trial analyses
Publication typeJournal articleConference abstract, study protocol, report, dissertation, book and professional journal
Publication year1980 onwardsBefore 1980
LanguageEnglishAll other languages
  • MVPA, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; PA, physical activity.