Table 2

Trends in the numbers of hospital-treated* AF-related LLI-only cases in each FootyFirst region compared with the rest of Victoria

Trend effect †
Estimate95% CIP values
Region 1FootyFirst+S 2012 season effect−1.30−2.750.150.085
FootyFirst+S 2013 season effect (over 2012)2.95−0.446.340.095
FootyFirst+S combined 2012+2013 effect1.65−2.565.850.447
Region 2FootyFirst+NS 2012 season effect0.46−1.552.470.658
FootyFirst+NS 2013 season effect (over 2012)−1.70−6.352.960.478
FootyFirst+NS combined 2012+2013 effect−1.24−7.024.540.676
Region 3No FootyFirst 2012 season effect1.64−0.253.520.096
FootyFirst+S 2013 season effect (over 2012)−4.09−8.710.540.091
FootyFirst (1 year control, 1 year+S) combined 2012+2013 effect−2.45−
Rest of VictoriaNo FootyFirst (external control) 2012 season effect2.32−1.486.130.238
FootyFirst 2013 (external control) season effect (over 2012)−12.27−21.62−2.910.014
FootyFirst (external control) combined 2012+2013 effect−9.94−21.401.520.096
  • *VAED and VEMD cases combined.

  • †See online supplementary file for more statistical detail about how the effects were calculated, especially in relation to the pre-FootyFirst period. The estimates represent the change in trend effect due to FootyFirst in each of 2012 and 2013. A negative value for the estimate indicates a reduction.

  • AF, Australian Football; LLI, lower limb injury; NS, with no support; S, support; VAED, Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset; VEMD, Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset.