Table 1

National College Health Assessment: self-reported sleep behaviour among full-time undergraduate students who self-identify as varsity athletes at NCAA member Institutions (n=14 134)12(p20)

Sleep behavioursReported response optionPercent of varsity athletes
Sleep difficulties in the past 12 months.Traumatic or very difficult to handle.24
Falling asleep at night.Extreme difficulty at least three nights in the last week.24
Awaking too early and unable to go back to sleep.Occurred at least three nights in the last week.16
Getting enough sleep to feel rested.Insufficient sleep more than 3 days out of past 7; Insufficient sleep 6–7 days out of past 7.57
Daytime tiredness.Felt tired, dragged out or sleepy at least 3 days during the last week;
reported that daytime sleepiness has been a big problem in last 7 days.
Negative consequences of sleep difficulties.Academic performance.18