Table 2

Incidence rate of illness by sport for athletes competing at the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

SportTotal number of illnessesAthletes with an illness (n)Total number of athletes competingTotal number of athlete daysAthletes with an illness (%)Illness incidence rate: illnesses/1000 athlete days (95% CI)
All8777567680413.612.8 (10.2 to 16.0)
Para snowboard17137286418.119.7 (12.0 to 32.2)
Para ice hockey2321135162015.614.2 (9.3 to 21.7)
Para Nordic skiing2320159190812.612.1 (7.9 to 18.5)
Para alpine skiing1918141169212.811.2 (7.0 to 17.9)
Wheelchair curling55607208.36.9 (2.8 to 17.3)