Table 3

Demographic characteristics of included studies

Studies reporting (% of 209)
Patients (n)22 009
Sex (proportion of men)65%94
Athlete level (n=studies  reporting)57
 Not reported91
Preinjury sport participation
 Volleyball 7
 American football 5
 All other sports21
Mean age (SD), years25.7 (5.3)96
Median (IQR) time from injury to surgery, months10.2 (4.1–17.9)45
Median (IQR) postsurgical final follow-up time, months29.5 (22.1–43.9)56
Mean (SD) time to commence running, months3.0 (1.0)55
Mean (SD) time to RTS, months7.6 (1.6)16