Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the 117 participants with baseline MRI split by treatment group and ACLR graft type at 5 years*

Early ACLROptional delayed ACLRAll ACLR at 5 years
All subjects
All subjects
Delayed ACLR‡ (n=29)Rehabilitation alone (n=29)†HT graft
BPTB graft
Age, years26.6±5.125.7±4.725.0±4.426.3±4.925.4±4.426.8±5.5
Female sex, n (%)12 (20)20 (34)11 (38)9 (31)14 (29)9 (23)
BMI, kg/m2 24.4±3.223.8 (2.6)23.3±2.024.3±3.123.5±2.224.6±3.5
Days to ACLR44±12NA559±420NA217±363209±316
Year 2/5 follow-up missing MRI, n (%)1 (2)/0 (0)4 (7)/5 (9)2 (7)/2 (7)2 (7)/3 (10)2 (4)/2 (4)1 (3)/0 (0)
Cartilage thickness, mm
 Total PF joint5.0±0.54.8±0.64.7±0.64.8±0.64.9±0.65.0±0.5
  • *Values are mean±SD unless indicated otherwise. No statistically significant baseline characteristic differences exist between as-treated groups (p>0.05).

  • †BMI missing for one participant from rehabilitation alone group.

  • ‡Twenty-two participants with cartilage thickness data available had a delayed reconstruction within the first 2 years after baseline while seven participants had a delayed reconstruction between year-2 and year-5.

  • ACLR, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; BMI, body mass index; BPTB, bone-patellar tendon-bone; HT, hamstring tendon; PF, patellofemoral.