Table 3

Risk of bias assessment scores of the 10 included cohort studies

StudyCriteriaTotal scoreRisk of bias
Barge-Caballero et al 24 11100001015High
Hein et al 20 10111000004High
Kaufman et al 21 11011110005High
Mahieu et al 16 01011110016High
Milgrom et al 22 00011100003High
Owens et al 17 11011011006High
Rabin et al 18 11111110119High
Van der Linden et al 25 11101011006High
Van Ginckel et al 19 10111110017High
Wezenbeek et al 23 11101101017High
  • Outcomes of the risk of bias assessment tool as presented in table 1. Publications were considered to be of low risk of bias if: (1) a total score of at least 6 points was given and (2) 1 point was given to questions 6, 7, 8 and 10 (marked with the grey columns).