Table 1

Study population characteristics (n=197)

Men (n=92) %Women (n=105) %All athletes (n=197) %
 Endurance athlete*34.827.631.0
 Speed/power athlete†65.272.469.0
 Commencing athletics >13 years of age32.624.828.4
 Training load >20 hours/week26.114.319.8
Childhood family
 Parents ≤12 years of formal education27.227.627.4
 Parents financially disadvantaged‡16.316.216.2
Social behaviour
 Regular use of alcoholic beverages¶15.28.611.7
 Binge drinking**
  • *Middle/long distance running.

  • †Jumps, throws, sprints, combined events.

  • ‡According to athlete.

  • §At least one parent immigrant.

  • ¶At least twice a week.

  • ** 1 bottle of wine (equivalent) at least once a week.