Table 8

A description of the moderately serious (8–28 days) and serious (28 days–6 months) time loss injuries recorded on the WEB-IISS at the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

Time lost due to injuryOnset, anatomical area and mechanism of injurySport (event) in which the injury occurred
Moderately severe injury (8–28 days lost)
 20 daysAcute knee anterior cruciate ligament injury, movement fault during training.Para alpine skiing (in gym training session).
 21 daysAcute shoulder dislocation injury, athlete was out of control.Para snowboard (banked slalom).
 21 daysAcute ankle lateral ligament sprain and head/facial fractures, athlete twisted an extremity.Para snowboard (snowboard cross).
Severe injury (28 days-6 months lost)
 35 daysAcute wrist and hand avulsion fracture, sledge contact with another sledge.Para ice hockey (play-off match).
 60 daysAcute shoulder fractures and neck whiplash injury, pole hooked a gate/bar.Para alpine skiing (giant slalom, lower half of course).
 6 monthsAcute knee anterior cruciate ligament injury, athlete landed a jump poorly.Para snowboard (testing jump).
  • WEB-IISS, web-based injury and injury surveillance system.