Table 1

Overview of the trials included in this methodological article

NameWas the study a trialFollow-upPopulationInterventionSample size
Program-related interventionsGRONORUN2 Yes8–12 weeksNovice runnersA graded or standard running programme532
PR2113 No*14 weeks½-marathonersA distance/intensity/mixed-based running programme612
RUNCLEVER1 Yes24 weeksRecreational runnersA volume/intensity-based running programme839
S2R14 Yes4 weeksNovice runnersA 3 km or 6 km running programme56
Shoe-related interventionsTrial 13 Yes21 weeksLeisure-time runnersRunning shoes with either soft or hard midsole hardness304
Trial 216 Yes26 weeksLeisure-time runners (novices excluded)Running shoes with or without motion control system423
Trial 315 Yes26 weeksLeisure-time runnersRunning shoes with heel-to-toe drop of either 10, 6 or 0 mm577
Trial 417 Yes26 weeksLeisure-time runnersRunning shoes with either high or low cushioning874
  • *In PR21, runners were not randomised to different running programmes. They were able to self-select a running programme.

  • GRONORUN, Groningen Novice Running; PR21, ProjectRun21; S2R, Start 2 Run.