Table 3

Athletes’ perception of the term ‘Safe Sport’

Theme/subthemeCount% of totalExample 1Example 2
 General safety152‘When sports are played safely’‘Means that there are precautions taken to make your sport safer’
 Free from harm65‘Free of harm…’‘Not doing things that can harm you or others’
 Feeling safe25‘That you can do sports without you feeling unsafe in any way’‘It means feeling safe while doing sports’
 Safe environment21‘That we play in a safe environment…’‘It means a safe environment for all athletes’
 Safety equipment8‘Life jacket’‘Participate with the necessary equipment and appropriate safety’
Fair play23619.0
 Following the rules135‘Playing by the rules and not playing dirty’‘To follow the rules and be a right athlete’
 Clean sport101‘Clean and Fair’‘No doping’
Positive association1199.6
 Elicitation of a positive emotion/feeling47‘So lovely’‘Joy’
 Positive noun32‘spiritual peace’‘Passion’
 Positive adjective25‘…humble sport’‘Good’
 Freedom15‘It means actually being free in the sport u do…’‘To be free and happy without any problem’
Free from harassment and/or abuse1189.5‘Sport free from harassment and abuse’‘No harassing and abuse’
 Respect50‘It means respecting each other’‘Respect each other and everyone is nice to each another. And remember we are only humans’
 Adherence to moral/ethical principles29‘Doing the right things’‘Staying true to the sport’
 Sportsmanship14‘…having good sportsmanship’‘…Having a common understanding of the sport and displaying sportsmanship’
 Equality10‘…tolerance’‘Play with all’
Health and wellness826.6
 Injury free42 Sport without injuries ‘Playing without injuries’
 Related to health and wellness34‘It means I feel physically and mentally well when I do sport’‘Enjoy the game and at the same time take care of myself’
 Personal growth and development6‘Sport makes you a good person’‘Good means a passion for what you do is have a goal in life proposed something which want to reach for a future’
Free from discomfort, worry or fear433.5‘When you can practice sport freely without feeling awkward or afraid’‘…Sporting without any worries or so’
Supportive environment423.4
 Supportive environment23‘Support and encourage people to make sport! Help people in their practice and help them to preserve their selves’‘Having great atmosphere where to train…’
 Quality training11‘Training safe and smart’‘Training the correct and sensible way’
 Unity and teamwork5‘The team is more united…’‘One team’
 Social3‘For me to be athletes is a wonderful addition to the many travel to different parts of the world, meeting new friends and leaving us with our satisfying results ‘Means have good relaciones’
Statement of importance403.2‘It means very much to me’‘It is something what every athlete should know and do everything for swing it’
 Performance-related response15‘Success’‘Win’
 Other9‘constant sport’‘…progress’
Growing the s port 6‘It means we should do to help sport grow and increase the number of athletes around the world’‘To expand the sport’
 Quality facilities2‘…facilities are in good condition’‘Best center really far from doping and move away from all that…’
Not aware of the term50.4‘I do not know’‘Nothing’
Negative perception of safe sport30.2‘We don't have safe sport in…’‘Not cool’
Invalid or unrelated response14912.0‘player futsal’‘2iu’
Total codes1243100.0