Table 1

Number and costs of first-line evaluations and second-line investigations prescribed to confirm or exclude the suspicion of a disease

Unit cost (€)N.of athletesTotal cost (€)
First-line evaluation
 ≤35 years62.005696353 152.00
 >35 years102.0021421 828.00
Second-line investigations
 Echocardiography100.5045245 426.00
 24 hours ambulatory ECG67.0530120 182.05
 Glucose and lipid profile10.9543470.85
 24 hours ambulatory BP44.7021938.70
 Specialist consultation35.05301051.50
 Cardiac magnetic resonance346.30124155.60
 Genetic testing1431.0068586.00
 Coronary CT223.4061340.4
 Coronary angiography2645.5937936.77
 Stress echocardiography111.652223.30
 Electrophysiological study200.002400.00
 Specialist consultation20.5037758.50
 Urine analysis2.051530.75
 Kidney ultrasound67.052134.10
Total costs466 659.52
Total cost, first line evaluation374 980.00
Total cost, additional investigations91 679.52
Mean cost per athlete 78.96
  • Note: investigations prescribed after the diagnosis for risk stratification or therapy management were not included.

  • BP, blood pression; CV, cardiovascular; CT, CT tomography; ECG, ECG;