Table 5

Recommended categories of tissue and pathology types for injuries

TissuePathology typeOSIICSSMDCSNotes
Muscle/TendonMuscle injuryM10.07–10.09Includes strain, tear, rupture, intramuscular tendon.
Muscle contusionH10.24
Muscle compartment syndromeY10.36
TendinopathyT10.28–10.29Includes paratenon, related bursa, fasciopathy, partial tear, tendon subluxation (all non-rupture), enthesopathy.
Tendon ruptureR10.09Complete/full-thickness injury; partial tendon injuries considered to be tendinopathy.
NervousBrain/Spinal cord injuryN20.40Includes concussion and all forms of brain injury and spinal cord.
Peripheral nerve InjuryN20.39, 20.41–20.42Includes neuroma.
BoneFractureF30.13–30.16, 30.19Traumatic, includes avulsion fracture, teeth.
Bone stress injuryS30.18, 30.32Includes bone marrow oedema, stress fracture, periostitis.
Bone contusionJ30.24Acute bony traumatic injury without fracture. Osteochondral injuries are considered ‘joint cartilage’.
Avascular necrosisE30.35
Physis injuryG30.20Includes apophysis.
Cartilage/Synovium/BursaCartilage injuryC40.17, 40.21, 40.37Includes meniscal, labral injuries and articular cartilage, osteochondral injuries.
ArthritisA40.33–40.34Post-traumatic osteoarthritis.
Synovitis/CapsulitisQ40.22, 40.34Includes joint impingement.
BursitisB40.31Includes calcific bursitis, traumatic bursitis.
Ligament/Joint capsuleJoint sprain (ligament tear or acute instability episode)L or D50.01–50.11Includes partial and complete tears plus injuries to non-specific ligaments and joint capsule; includes joint dislocations/subluxations.
Chronic instabilityU50.12
Superficial tissues/skinContusion (superficial)V60.24Contusion, bruise, vascular damage.
VesselsVascular traumaV70.45
StumpStump injuryW91.44In amputees.
Internal organsOrgan traumaO80.46Includes trauma to any organ (excluding concussion), drowning, relevant for all specialised organs not mentioned elsewhere (lungs, abdominal and pelvic organs, thyroid, breast).
Non-specificInjury without tissue type specifiedP or Z00.00 (also 00.23, 00.38, 00.42)No specific tissue pathology diagnosed.
  • OSIICS, Orchard Sports Injury and Illness Classification System; SMDCS, Sport Medicine Diagnostic Coding System.