Table 11

Descriptions and frequencies of cycling actions under the environmental restructuring function

G. Environmental restructuring
CodeAction categoryCodeAction typeNo of times action type usedPercentage of overall actions
Changing the physical environment
G1Bike storage316.4
G1.1Provide bike storage facilities316.4
G2Bike maintenance facilities61.2
G2.1Tools, workshop area, stands for bike repair and maintenance (free)40.8
G2.2Vending machines for bicycle repair supplies (paid)20.4
G3Facilities for cyclists132.7
G3.1Dry cleaning and laundry services10.2
G3.2Changing facilities (eg, showers, lockers)122.5
G4Bike wheel channels on stairs51
G4.1Provide stair bike wheel channels51
G5Safety features81.6
G5.1Security cameras at bike parking51
G5.2Improved lighting on cycle routes30.6
G6Route signage30.6
G6.1Instal route signage30.6
Total in physical environment6613.6
Changing the social environment
G7Cycling-related personnel81.6
G7.1Crossing guards10.2
G7.2School or workplace travel plan coordinators51
G7.3School traffic patrols10.2
G7.4Employment of external cycling instructor10.2
G8Large events and mass participation3212.2
G8.1Bike to work or school days163.3
G8.2Cycling festivals (eg, including prize draws and demonstration of bikes)30.6
G8.3Large organised cycling events132.7
G9Group cycling27
G9.1Led group bike rides193.9
G9.2‘Bike buses’ (organised group travel to/from school or work)81.7
G10Workplace or organisational policies163.3
G10.1General workplace or organisational policies30.6
G10.2Workplace or school travel plans102.1
G10.3Organisation task force on cycling20.4
G10.4Training internal staff to become certified cycling instructor10.2
Total in social environment8317.1