Table 6

Descriptions and frequencies of cycling actions under the persuasion function

B. Persuasion
CodeAction categoryCodeAction typeNo of times action type usedPercentage of overall actions
B1One-to-one counselling82
B1.1Barrier identification and solutions61.4
B1.2Offering motivation to alter travel behaviour20.4
B2Group counselling20.4
B2.1Group counselling to increase cycling20.4
B3Tailored intervention actions132.7
B3.1Tailored phone calls to nudge behaviour change10.2
B3.2Tailored letters40.8
B3.3Tailored messaging81.7
B4Travel diaries with feedback51
B4.1Individualised travel diaries with feedback51
B5Mass media campaigns214.4
B5.1Media promoting specific project112.3
B5.2Media promoting cycling in general91.9
B5.3Media discouraging car use10.2
Total in ‘Persuasion’4910.5