Table 2

GRADE evidence profile for the question: what is the risk of new meniscal tears after treatment for ACL injury?

No of studiesStudy designRisk of biasInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsCertainty
75Observational studiesSerious*Serious†Serious‡Not seriousNone⨁◯◯◯
Very low
  • *There was a high risk of bias regarding selection, misclassification and detection bias.

  • †There were no consistent findings in the included studies. The I2 statistic was very high >93%, and the individual study CIs did not overlap.

  • ‡There are few studies published on active rehabilitation and relatively few studies with long follow-up time (7 out of 75 studies had more than 10 years of follow-up). Inadequate assessment of the outcome in most studies. The rate of new meniscal injuries is unlikely to accurately reflect the total picture of new meniscal injury rates after ACL injury.

  • ACL, anterior cruciate ligament; GRADE, Grading of Recommendations Assessment Development and Evaluation.