Table 1

Summary of final consensus recommendations developed from evidence synthesis for voting at consensus meeting and recommendation of consensus group

Consensus recommendations for clinical practiceLevel of evidence supporting recommendationMedianIQRModeConsensus score resultNumber participants voting
C1.Exercise-based treatments are recommended for people with hip-related pain.Moderate5 12 14 98–99Appropriate37
C2.Exercise-based treatment should be at least 3 months duration.Limited14 77–87Appropriate37
C3.Physiotherapist-led rehabilitation after hip surgery should be undertaken.Limited13 18 98–99Appropriate37
C4.PROMs, measures of physical impairment and measures of psychosocial factors should be used to monitor response to treatment.Insufficient98–99Appropriate37
C5.Physical activity (which may include sport) is recommended for people with hip-related pain.Insufficient98–99Appropriate37
C6.Clinicians should discuss patient expectations, use shared-decision making and provide education.Insufficient98–99Appropriate37
Consensus recommendations for ResearchLevel of evidence supporting recommendationMedianIQRModeConsensus score resultNumber of participants voting
R1.Reporting of exercise programmes. Exercise descriptors such as: load magnitude, number of repetitions and sets, duration of whole programme, duration of contractile element of exercise, duration of one repetition, time under tension, rest between repetitions, range of motion through which the exercise is performed and rest between exercise sessions should be reported.Moderate4 5 12 14 999Appropriate36
R2.Development of high-quality exercise programmes. We need research to investigate the optimal frequency, intensity, time, type, volume and progression of exercise therapy.Moderate4 5 97–99Appropriate28
R3.Research should examine the effect of patient education in people with hip-related pain.Insufficient*87–99Appropriate36
R4.Research should investigate the effect of other treatments used in people with hip-related pain.Insufficient*88–99Appropriate35
R5.Research should examine the impact of comorbidities and social determinants on treatment effectiveness in people with hip-related pain.Insufficient*999Appropriate36
  • Scores 0–3 were considered inappropriate, scores of 4–6 were considered uncertain and scores of 7–9 were considered appropriate.

  • Not all participants were able to be present for all voting procedures due to other commitments.

  • *Absence of knowledge noted and prioritised as area for future research by expert group.

  • C, Consensus recommendation for clinical practice;PROMs, patient-reported outcome measures; R, consensus recommendation for research.