Table 4

Descriptive analysis on worsening of meniscal integrity and the number of meniscal surgeries for three as treated groups at 5 years of follow-up

Rehabilitation plus early
ACL reconstruction
Rehabilitation plus delayed ACL reconstruction
Rehabilitation only
Persons with development of meniscal damage on MRI, N (%)27 (45)*17 (57)§12 (46)¶
Persons with meniscal surgeries (N, %)30 (49)17 (57)15 (52)
Number of meniscal surgeries372519
 Before ACLR, N (%)‡0 (0)13 (52)
 During ACLR, N (%)‡28 (76)9 (36)
 After ACLR, N (%)‡9 (24)3 (12)
  • *N=60 due to one missing baseline MRI reading.

  • †N=26 due to four missing 5-year MRI readings.

  • ‡Relative to number of meniscal surgeries.

  • §N=29 due to one missing five years MRI reading

  • ¶N=26 due to three missing five years MRI readings

  • ACLR, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.