Table 5

Maul descriptors and definitions

Maul28 A maul begins when a player carrying the ball is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball-carrier's team mates bind on the ball-carrier. A maul therefore consists, when it begins, of at least three players, all on their feet; the ball-carrier and one player from each team.
Frequency of maulsCount of maul events during match play.
Duration of maulTime (in minutes:seconds) from when the maul has formed to when the ball is played.
Number of attackers in maulTotal number of players from the attacking team, including the player carrying the ball in the maul, involved when the maul ended.
Number of defenders in the maulNumber of players from the defending team.
Maul outcomes
Maul result Attacking teams retains the ball: attacking team maintains possession of the ball after the maul contest.
Defending team gains the ball: attacking team fails to maintain possession of the ball after the maul contest.
InfringementsPenalty awarded against defender.
Penalty awarded against attacker.
Handling error by attacker.
Handling error by defender.
InjurySee injury in table 1.
Injured playerSee injured player in table 2.
Injury locationSee injury location in table 1.