Table 1

Characteristics of selected studies (n=32)

Adjusted confounders
Study Site Data collection Study design Sample size Male (%) Age (years) Median age (years) Detection methods Setting Adjustments Age Sex History of family BMI Smoking Diet Quality
Blanks et al 201539 UN2006–20101628976060–6965.2TC, FS, CTC1Y/Low
Boutron-Ruault et al 200152 FranceNA2126952.330–79NATC2YLow
Botteri et al 201638 Italy2007–2009175051.250–6964TC2YHigh
Brenner et al 201836 Canada2008–20151249653.850–74NATC2YHigh
Burnett-Hartman et al 201353 USA1998–200722506NA20–79NATC2YHigh
Cao et al 201554 USA1998–200812285121.440–75NARecord1Y/High
Cao* et al 201572 USA1998–200813106510040–75NATC1Y/High
Carr et al 201755 Germany2005–201411595049.455–63.3TC1NLow
Chia et al 200756 USA1999–2003234842.830–79NATC3NLow
Enger et al 199735 USA1991–1993297666.650–7462FS2YHigh
Frantz et al 201357 USA2006–2008193449.630–8055TC3YHigh
Giovannucci et al 199558 USA1986–199234772310040–75NATC, FS1Y/High
Giovannucci et al 199659 USA1986–1992313057040–65NARecord1Y/Low
Hauret et al 200460 USA1995–1997240546.730–7458.2#TC2YHigh
Hermann et al 200961 Germany1994–200732554063.6#35–65NARecord1YHigh
Jung et al 201540 Korea2010–2011128 50480.930–59NATC3YHigh
Karaginni et al 201062 Greec e2008–2009210461.530–7760#TC3YHigh
Kato et al 199045 Japan1986–19902132464.9NANATC3YHigh
Kim et al 201163 Korea1998–20073156269.720–NAFS3YLow
Knudsen et al 201664 Norway2012–2013114 83248.550–7462FS1YLow
Kono et al 199965 Japan1995–1996180310047–55NARecord2Y/Low
Larsen et al 200666 Norway1999–200216961NA50–64NAFS1YHigh
Liberman et al 200341 USA1994–19971312195.850–75NATC2YHigh
Little et al 199367 France1981–19882476NA50–NARecord2YLow
Lubin et al 199768 IsraelNA23925721–75♂63♀60#TC3YHigh
Massa et al 201469 USA1991–2007343641042–62NATC1N/High
Morimoto et al 200242 USA1991–19942150246.530–74NATC2Y/High
Scnchez et al 2012USA2002–2010198241.845–NATC3YHigh
Shinchi et al 199437 Japan1991–19921222810049–55NATC, FS2Y/Low
Song et al 201344 Korea2008–20101152657.221–7849.2TC3YHigh
Waldmann et al 201643 Austria2008–2012125 40949.240–60TC1Y/High
Yang et al 201771 Korea2003–2012170 81269.4NA41.6TC2NLow
  • Study design: 1, cross-sectional; 2, case-control; 3, cohort. Neoplasia related: 1, all adenoma; 2, advanced colorectal neoplasia; 3, non-advanced adenoma. Setting: 1, national screening programme/large cohort study; 2, multiple centres; 3, single hospital/site.

  • ♂, male; /, not applicable due to homogenous study population; ♀, female; #, case group; CTC, CT colonography; FS, flexible sigmoidoscopy; N, no; TC, total colonoscopy; Y, yes.