Table 1

Patient-important outcomes identified by the guideline panel aligned to the most corresponding outcome set available in the included trials and studies

Panel-identified outcomesOutcomes chosen from included trials and studies
PainPain (visual analogue scale and numeric rating scale, various scales).
Physical functionCombined outcomes of physical function, physical capacity and pain items (Constant Score and its modifications, Shoulder Disability Questionnaire, Neer Score). We refer to these as ‘function’ outcomes for simplicity.
Global perceived effectGlobal perceived effect. The outcome was derived by subtracting the patients who reported ‘worse’ or ‘much worse’ from the number of patients reporting ‘much better’ or ‘no shoulder problems at all’/‘healed completely’ at the relevant time points.
Quality of lifeHealth-related quality of life (EQ-5D-3L and 15D).
ParticipationReturn to leisure activities/sport.
Working status (working yes/no).
Development of full-thickness rotator cuff tearsPrevalence of full-thickness rotator cuff tears at follow-up.
HarmsSerious harms.