Table 3

Scoring of the articles from the review update

(authors, year)
QuestionnairesStructural validityInternal consistencyCross-cultural validityReliabilityMeasurement errorConstruct validityResponsiveness
Papers from the update
Lee et al, 201539 HOSVery goodAdequateDoubtfulVery goodInadequate
Ruiz-Ibán et al, 201541 iHOT-33DoubtfulVery goodAdequateAdequateInadequateAdequate
Impellizzeri et al, 201536 COMIAdequateDoubtful
Impellizzeri et al, 201537 OHSAdequateInadequateAdequateAdequateInadequateAdequate
Baumann et al, 201627 iHOT-12Very goodAdequateDoubtfulDoubtfulAdequateInadequate
Baumann et al, 201628 iHOT-33DoubtfulAdequateDoubtfulDoubtfulAdequateInadequate
Polat et al, 201740 HOSVery goodAdequateAdequateAdequateAdequateAdequate
Costa et al, 201832 HOSVery goodDoubtfulDoubtfulDoubtfulVery good
Tijssen et al, 201845 iHOT-33InadequateInadequateAdequateVery goodVery goodVery good
Li et al, 201746 iHOT-33DoubtfulAdequateAdequateAdequateAdequateAdequate
  • COMI, Core Outcome Measures Index; HOS, Hip Outcome Score; iHOT, International Hip Outcome Tool; OHS, Oxford Hip Score.