Table 2

Rescoring of the articles from the review of Thorborg et al 13

(authors, year)
QuestionnairesStructural validityInternal consistencyCross-cultural validityReliabilityMeasurement errorConstruct validityResponsiveness
Papers selected from the review of Thorborg et al 13
Griffin et al, 201260 iHOT-12InadequateDoubtfulDoubtfulVery good
Jónasson et al, 201438 iHOT-12AdequateInadequateAdequateAdequateAdequateVery goodVery good
Mohtadi et al, 201261 iHOT-33InadequateInadequateAdequateAdequateAdequate
Polesello et al, 201262 iHOT-33Inadequate
Kemp et al, 201363 iHOT-33, HOS, HAGOSDoubtfulAdequateAdequateVery goodVery good
Hinman et al, 201435 iHOT-33, HOS, HAGOSInadequateAdequateAdequate
Martin et al, 200664 HOSInadequateVery goodAdequate
Martin et al, 2007HOSAdequate
Martin et al, 200865 HOSAdequateAdequateAdequate
Naal et al, 201166 HOSVery goodInadequateAdequateAdequateVery good
Lee et al, 201539 HOSVery goodAdequateDoubtfulVery goodInadequate
Polat et al, 201740 HOSVery goodAdequateAdequateAdequateAdequateAdequate
Seijas et al, 201442 HOSVery goodAdequateAdequateAdequateVery goodVery good
Thorborg et al, 201113 HAGOSInadequateVery goodVery goodVery goodVery goodVery good
Kemp et al 63, 2013HAGOSVery goodAdequateAdequateAdequateVery goodVery good
Thomeé et al, 201444 HAGOSInadequateVery goodVery goodAdequateAdequateVery goodVery good
  • HAGOS, Hip and Groin Outcome Score; HOS, Hip Outcome Score; iHOT, International Hip Outcome Tool.