Table 2

Outcome of analytic process

InterpretationPersonal description of symptoms.
Previous experiences of hip pain.
Meaning of symptoms.
Medical history.
‘Lay’ versus ‘informed’ perceptions of cause
CauseActivities/movements associated with onset.
Associated condition, anatomy or injury.
Traumatic injury.
Ageing processes.
IdentityLabels or diagnosis.
Diagnostic imaging.
Diagnostic uncertainty.
‘Fissures and tears’: the use of the diagnostic jargon
ControllabilityActivities/movements associated with flare ups.
Predictability of pain.
Treatment expectations.
Coping strategies.
Controlling symptoms and ‘fixing damage’.
Action and appraisalBehavioural modification.
Care-seeking experience.
Failed treatments.
Successful treatments.
TimelineRecovery expectations.
Future hip replacement.
Exercise, sleep and threat to mental health
ConsequencesPhysical impact.
Functional impact.
Emotional impact.
Social impact.
General impact.
Contextual life stressorsMental health.
Stressful life events.