Table 3

Time loss injury characteristics (location, type and cause) stratified by sport

Bobsleigh and skeleton
Figure skating (n=14)Ice hockey (n=48)Luge (n=10)Skiing
Speed skating
Number of injuries3211122151
Injuries/1000 athlete days2.
Injury location
 Achilles tendon11
 Face (including eye, ear and nose)211
 Lower leg (anterior)11
 Lumbar spine/lower back514
 Cervical spine/neck211
 Thigh (anterior)
 Thoracic spine/upper back312
Injury cause
 Non-contact acute1113151
Injury type
 Dental/broken tooth11
 Fracture (traumatic)211
 Laceration/abrasion/skin lesion211
 Muscle cramps or spasms
 Sprain (injury of joint and/or ligaments)15159
 Strain/muscle rupture/tear5113
 Fracture (stress)11
 Tendon rupture11
  • No injuries were sustained by the following sports: biathlon (n=10) and curling (n=10).