Table 2

Participant menstrual cycle status characteristics (n=15)

Menstrual cycle history
 Mean age at menarche (years)14±1 (range: 12–17)
 Cycle regular at menarche8 athletes
 Previously noted irregular cycle7 athletes
 Mean frequency of menses (days)28±5 (range: 18–35)
 Mean duration of menses (days)5±1 (range: 3–7)
 Heavy menstrual bleeding*5 athletes
Hormonal contraceptive history
 Currently using hormonal contraceptive4 athletes
 Type of contraceptive usedOral=2, implant=2
 Previously used hormonal contraceptive10 athletes
Sanitary protection
 Sanitary preferenceTowel=2, tampon=5, both=8
 Sanitary absorbencyRegular=10, super=7, super plus=3
 Mean number of changes per day4±2 (range: 2–8)
 Double sanitary protection (towel and tampon)5 athletes
 Blood clots3 athletes
 Flooding6 athletes
 Perceived negative impact on health, life or performance6 athletes
 Self-medication (eg, paracetamol)10 athletes
 Prescribed medication3 athletes
 Symptoms mid-cycle1 athlete
 Perceived negative impact on health, life or performance10 athletes
 Recording of symptoms throughout menstrual cycle3 athletes
  • *Heavy menstrual bleeding was based on athletes’ perception and was not directly measured. Where mean data are presented, data expressed as mean±SD (range).