Table 1

The tele-Sport-and-Exercise-Medicine (teleSEM) process

Planning the remote consultationPerforming the remote consultationAfter the remote consultation
  • Establish the need for a remote consultation

  • Decide on the consultation participants

  • Choose wisely between text, audio or video

  • Know the technology

  • Ensure remote access to the electronic health record

  • Apply ethical guidelines

  • Have the condition-specific teleSEM guide ready (if you know the type of condition)

  • Connect, introduce yourself (and other team members) and confirm the patient's identity

  • Perform an initial rapid health status assessment

  • Take a history (condition, general, sport, performance goal)

  • Perform a remote SEM physical examination

  • Consider options; discuss a care plan

  • Decision and actions

  • Accurate and comprehensive notes in the patient's health record

  • Arrange further investigations, follow-up, referral to other members of the multidisciplinary team (physiotherapist, podiatrist, etc), discharge, urgent hospital admission for further care

  • SEM, sport and exercise medicine.