Table 3

Definitions and golf-specific examples of new and subsequent injuries and illnesses

DefinitionInjury exampleIllness example
NewFirst recorded injury/illness
=index injury/illness
Golfer reports new right wrist pain after 4 days of competition and is diagnosed with dorsal rim impaction syndromeGolfer develops a viral illness (influenza)
SubsequentAny injury/illness occurring after the index injury/illnessGolfer develops lumbar back pain following swing changes secondary to right hip pain, which is due to femoroacetabular impingement syndromeGolfer develops depression following a long absence from competition due to lead wrist pain
RecurrentInjury to the same site and of the same type as the index injury or illness involving the same system and type as the index illness after full recovery and return-to-sportGolfer recovers fully from rotator cuff tendinopathy and returns to play. However, later in the season has a repeat onset of the same symptomsGolfer recovers from 2 days of migraine headaches; however, during the next competition, develops further migraines
ExacerbationWorsening of a not fully recovered index injury/illnessGolfer returns to play or practice before finishing rotator cuff tear rehabilitation and causes an extension of the tear while hitting a shotGolfer with generalised anxiety suffers with a worsening of the condition