Table 1

Example of exposure-based tiers

Exposure-based tiersConditions and characteristicsExamples of relevant individuals
1. Highest exposure.Individuals for whom physical distancing and face coverings are not possible or effective during athletic training or competition
  • Athletes.

  • Coaches.

  • Training/PT staff.

  • Medical staff.

  • Equipment staff.

  • Officials.

2. Moderate exposure.Individuals who come into close contact with tier 1 individuals but can reasonably maintain physical distance and use face coverings
  • Certain team staff (eg, executives).

  • Certain operational staff (eg, security, event staff and league staff).

3. Lowest exposure.Individuals who provide event services but do not come into close contact with tier 1 individuals (and should this occur, will be reclassified into tier 2)
  • Certain operational staff (eg, housekeeping, catering, sanitation and transportation).

  • Media/broadcast.

  • PT, physical therapy.