Table 7

Descriptions and frequencies of cycling actions under the incentivisation function

C. Incentivisation
CodeAction categoryCodeAction typeNo of times action type usedPercentage of overall actions
C1 Material 8 1.6
C1.1Bikes for attending sessions10.2
C1.2Branded goods (pens, pencils, hats) for cycling30.6
C1.3Food and prizes for cycling on designated days10.2
C1.4Time off work for cycling20.4
C1.5Vehicle scrappage including a bike rebate10.2
C2 Financial 22 4.5
C2.1Subsidy, salary sacrifice, tax free loan for buying bicycle40.8
C2.2Subsidy, salary sacrifice, tax free loan for buying equipment10.2
C2.3Retail and repair cost discounts for cycling30.6
C2.4Cash or vouchers for modal shift to cycling or increasing cycling91.9
C2.5Bike vouchers20.4
C2.6Free bike service for taking part10.2
C2.7Cycling-related gifts20.4
C3 Points, prizes, gamification and challenges 38 7.8
C3.1Goal setting, targets and challenges122.5
C3.2Reward schemes for cycling30.6
C3.3Awards, certificates or acknowledgements10.2
C3.4Leaderboards and prizes102.1
C3.5Within workplace/school team challenge61.2
C3.6Between workplace/school team challenge40.8
C3.7Active games (such as Beat the Street)20.4
Total in ‘Incentivisation’ 68 14.5