Table 5

Descriptions and frequencies of cycling action types under the education function

A. Education
CodeAction categoryCodeAction typeNo of times action type usedPercentage of overall actions
A1 Increasing knowledge or understanding of benefits of cycling 27 5.5
A1.1Information on general (combined or unspecified) benefits of PA and cycling153.1
A1.2Information on environmental impact and carbon offset of cycling51
A1.3Information on health benefits of PA and cycling40.8
A1.4Information on cost benefits of cycling20.4
A1.5Information on time-saving benefits of cycling10.2
A2 Increasing knowledge or understanding of cycling safety 23 4.7
A2.1Information on safety of cycling51
A2.2Information on how to cycle safely163.3
A2.3Acting out travel scenes20.4
A3 Route planning/personal and individualised travel planning 44 8.6
A3.1Accessibility of local route options81.7
A3.2Travel maps204.1
A3.3Safe route maps61.2
A3.4Digital cycling applications71.4
A3.5Information website or application30.6
A4 Practical or instrumental information 4 0.8
A4.1Local showering options10.2
A4.2Local storage options20.4
A4.3General practical information (eg, ‘everything you need to know about cycling to work’ booklet)10.2
A5 Signposting to cycling-related contacts 1 0.2
A5.1Provide useful cycling-related contact telephone numbers10.2
Total in ‘Education’ 99 20.5
  • PA, physical activity.