Table 13

Descriptions and frequencies of cycling actions under the enablement function

I. Enablement
CodeAction categoryCodeActionNo of times action type usedPercentage of overall actions
I1 Provision of bike accessories 12 2.5
I1.1Safety equipment (helmets, lights, reflective strips)112.3
I1.2Cycling-related merchandise10.2
I2 Provision of eBikes 4 0.8
I2.1Loan of eBike to use during intervention30.6
I2.2Workplace 'errand' eBikes10.2
I3 Provision of bikes 26 5.4
I3.1Provision of bike to keep20.4
I3.2Short-term hire or lease of bike/bike taster session91.9
I3.3Provision of bike to use during intervention51
I3.4Earning a bike to keep following refurbishment/recycling30.6
I3.5Bike donation targeting lower socioeconomic groups71.4
I4 Small-scale bike share schemes 5 0.8
I4.1Workplace 'errand' bikes30.6
I4.2Provision of shared bikes20.4
I5 Provision of bike maintenance 11 2.3
I5.1General bike maintenance91.9
I5.2Bike repairs20.4
Total in ‘Enablement’ 58 12.2