Table 3

Indirect contact and non-contact injuries’ situational pattern classification

CategoriesACL injuries
Pressing/tacklingTotal, n=55 (47%)
Pressing, n=40
Tackling, n=15
TackledTotal, n=24 (20%)
Lower body, n=9
Upper body, n=15
Regaining balance after kickingTotal, n=19 (16%)
Landing from a jumpTotal, n=8 (7%)
Heading, n=6
Goalkeepers, n=2
OthersTotal, n=12 (10%)
Dribbling, n=2
Cutting without the ball, n=2
Jumping take-off, n=2
Receiving the ball, n=2
Controlling the ball with chest, n=1
Regaining balance after reaching, n=1
Kicking the ground, n=1
Goalkeeping (side stepping), n=1