Table 1

Anatomical ACL reconstruction checklist based on ‘evidence to support the interpretation and use of the anatomic ACL reconstruction checklist’90

1Individualisation of surgery for each patient
2Use of 30 scope
3Use of an accessory medial portal
4Direct visualisation of the femoral insertion site
5Measuring the femoral insertion site dimensions
6Visualising the lateral intercondylar ridge
7Visualising the lateral bifurcate ridge
8Placing the femoral tunnel(s) in the femoral ACL insertion site
9Transportal drilling
10Direct visualisation of the tibial insertion site
11Measuring the tibial insertion site dimensions
12Placing the tibial tunnel(s) in the tibial ACL insertion site
13Femoral fixation
14Tibial fixation
15Knee flexion angle during femoral tunnel drilling
16Graft type
17Graft tensioning