Table 1

Tennis and wheelchair tennis additions to the IOC consensus statement: methods for recording and reporting of epidemiological data on injury and illness in sport 2020

Defining and classifying health problemsMode of onset.
(Wheelchair) Tennis examples are provided.
Classifying the mechanisms of injury.
Tennis-specific examples are provided.
Classifying sports injury and illness diagnosesCommon injury types and diagnoses for shoulder injuries are added.
The severity of health problemsThe duration of time loss of health problems sustained during a tournament should be confirmed.
Capturing and reporting athlete exposureExposure in hours should be registered separately for tennis practice, tennis matches, and strength and conditioning.
Internal and external load may be monitored using session-Rate of Perceived Exertion.
Match exposure should be recorded in terms of the number of matches, sets, games and/or points.
Additional measures for tennis load are recommended, including distance covered, changes of direction, acceleration and number and velocity of strokes.
Expressing riskFor tournaments, the number of injuries per 1000 hours and per 1000 games played should be reported.
The burden of health problemsNo additional recommendations made.
Study population characteristics(Wheelchair) Tennis population characteristics of interest are provided.
Data collection methodsTennis and wheelchair tennis templates for baseline information, injury and illness registration, and training and match exposure have been developed.