Table 1

Misclassification of the APSQ at step 1 (triage) for six instruments at step 2 (screening)

Positive cases detected at step 1 (APSQ) and at step 2Positive cases not detected at step 1 (APSQ) but detected at step 2
GAD-7N=18 (6%)N=0 (0%)
PHQ-9N=24 (9%)N=0 (0%)
ASSQN=61 (22%)N=14 (5%)
AUDIT-CN=88 (32%)N=44 (16%)
CAGE-AIDN=5 (2%)N=0 (0%)
BEDA-QN=77 (28%)N=32 (11%)
  • APSQ, Athlete Psychological Strain Questionnaire; ASSQ, Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire; AUDIT-C, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test Consumption; BEDA-Q, Brief Eating Disorder in Athletes Questionnaire; CAGE-AID, Cutting Down, Annoyance by Criticism, Guilty Feeling, and Eye-openers Adapted to Include Drugs; GAD-7, General Anxiety Disorder-7; N, number; PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionnaire-9.