Table 4

Intervention-related adverse events leading to harm

Participant infoEvent report to hotline
Handball player, female 19 years I rolled over due to the tape. Maybe it was placed wrong.’ (Reported as having occurred twice)
Handball player, female 20 years‘Had a slipping incident (due to Spraino) at training where I fell and got some bruises. Nothing serious though.’
Handball player, male 22 years‘I had an existing groin injury that I felt got worsened through an outwards rotation due to the tape.’
Badminton player, male 23 years Rolled over twice and (I am) 100% certain it is due to the tape. Jumping towards my right when my foot slides underneath me.’ (Reported as having occurred twice)
Handball player, male 29 years‘I felt that it was the tape that made me twist my ankle. Took it off afterwards.’
Badminton player, male 20 years‘Made a lunge with my left leg and twisted my ankle. Felt like the tape increased the twist.