Table 4

Average biomarker characteristics prior to intervention in controlled trials of 34 adult sedentary behaviour interventions ≥7 days with biomarker outcomes

knWeighted mean±pooled SDStudy means (min–max)Study with lowest meanStudy with highest mean
Weight, kg29245671.3±10.662.2–99.6Alkhajah et al 68 MacEwen et al 40
Body mass index, kg/m2 34318625.4±3.222.1–35.9Alkhajah et al 68 Schuna et al 56
Waist circumference, cm21263083.9±7.774.4–111.4Butler et al 74 MacEwen et al 40
Body fat, %18205028.1±5.424.5–45.5Dunning et al 75 Kozey Keadle et al 58
Fat mass, kg775325.3±7.718.4–32.3Alkhajah et al 68 Kallings et al 70
Fat-free mass, kg8125240.0±6.744.1–56.5Alkhajah et al 68 Balducci et al 72
Systolic BP, mm Hg252461110.0±10.5109–142Dunning et al 75 Maxwell-Smith et al
Diastolic BP, mm Hg25245768.4±6.569–86Peterman et al 83 MacEwen et al 40; Maxwell-Smith et al 40
Glucose, mM1919754.7±1.04.1–7.6Peterman et al 83 Balducci et al 72
Insulin, pM11149551.5±44.137.1–133.0Dunning et al 75 Kozey Keadle et al 58
HbA1c, %1113084.4±0.64.9–7.4Kallings et al 70 Balducci et al 72
Total cholesterol, mM2422924.3±0.64.0–5.5Peterman et al 83 Kallings et al 70
HDL cholesterol, mM2222321.2±0.41.1–1.8Peterman et al 83 Pesola et al 38
LDL cholesterol, mM2121422.5±0.82.5–3.3Peterman et al 83 Kallings et al 70
Triglycerides, mM2322021.1±0.50.9–1.9Alkhajah et al 68 Kozey Keadle et al 58
  • BP, blood pressure; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; k, number of interventions; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; n, number of participants.